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Termite Foundations


This is the introductory course covering Termites and Wood destroying organisms.  This course covers termite biology, product labels, laws & regulations, graphing, treatment techniques, slab types, treatment calculations, spill clean-up, and hands-on inspection of slab types & building elements. Emphasis is on being able to perform pest management effectively and safely. This course is designed to benefit both people brand new to the industry and people with over 30 years of experience.  Even experienced pest control operators are surprised how much they learn.

Termite Masters


Prerequisite:  Must have completed the Termite Foundations Course. This course builds on the Termite Foundations course and covers termite review with invasive species, measuring & graphing, laws & regulations part II, real-life liabilities in termite work, borate treatments, conducive conditions, wood-destroying beetles, wood-destroying fungi, and hands-on calculations. By the end of this course, students have covered all critical topics that are required to know for the Florida Pest Control Certified Operator Termite exam.

WDO Inspections Course


Prerequisite:  None, but Termite Foundations is highly recommended. This course prepares students to perform WDO inspections (13645 inspections) as required by the state of Florida. This course covers: Biology of WDO's, laws & liabilities, review of required forms, hands-on inspection, how to properly complete the 13645 form, industry baselines, and all students will complete a full WDO inspection on the PMU Learning Laboratory.  The Learning Laboratory is an 1800 square foot single family home with reportable evidence of over two-dozen WDOs present.

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