Business Consulting

Having worked for a major manufacturer, a national Top-20 pest control company, and owned several businesses, we have learned the top strategies needed to succeed.  Common requests are for help with:

It is hard enough to start a business. As soon as you add employees to the mix your challenges change.  You are no longer doing all the services yourself, but now you need to figure out management, payroll, HR, inventory, company policies, and develop written procedures so things are done the way YOU want them done.  It is no simple task and we can help.

Common general business structure tasks we are asked to assist with:

  • Set KPIs and reports to keep the company on track.
  • Set Service Manager duties and responsibilities.
  • Set us a Quality Assurance program.
  • Set up a complete curriculum and training roadmap for all employees
  • Set up performance goals/coaching guidelines for employees.
  • Set up employee handbook and company policies.

Having good service agreements has always been a challenge for pest management companies.  Lawyers can write great agreements according to the law, but they don’t know the pest control business and the different pests you need to cover.

We can create pest management agreements tailored to meet your needs.  We know the difference between Asian termites and Formosan termites and why that matters on termite agreements.  Once complete, we will have your new agreement reviewed for compliance and finalized by a Florida licensed attorney. (For those in other states we recommend having your agreement reviewed by an attorney in your state).

Since the very beginning writing protocols and treatment procedures has been one of our specialties. We work with you to develop treatment procedures that are not just effective, but fit into your business model.  We can then help ensure all employees are then treating pests the way you want them to.  This decreases service calls, off-label applications, product costs, and frees up technicians time.  This allows you to focus on growing your company to the next level.

The “Holy Grail” of an online marketing campaign is to get to the point that your organic search results deliver a significant portion of your leads.  This takes time and effort to build your website to a top search destination, but it is rewarding when you get to the point where you can see leads come in that you no longer have to pay for.  With our experience with every common pest we can write unique and factual content for your website that will be rewarded by Google.  These articles run circles around what typical overseas content writers can post on your website.  To rank highly, the content must be relative and useful to what the consumer needs.  If it is just “filler content” you are wasting your money.

Interviewing new employees sounds exciting at first but in reality is one of the most challenging, difficult, and important tasks you will ever have to do. The problem is usually you are hiring because you are already short-handed and it is hard for you to slow down and interview properly.  Not to mention most candidates do not have the required skills.  We assist you in getting qualified candidates, interviewing them, and narrowing them down to a final candidate list based on your criteria.  This keeps you focused on running your business.

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