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L & O Foundations (Lawn & Ornamentals)


This course is designed to be an introduction to Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for Lawn and Ornamental Pests (L&O) in residential and commercial settings. Emphasis is on getting students capable of performing IPM safely and effectively.  Topics covered include: Safety & PPE, Proper Measuring, Plant Health Care, Equipment Use & Calibration, Weeds, Turfgrass Anatomy & Maintenance Requirements, Turf Diseases, Product Rotation, Ornamental Diseases, and Ornamental Pests.  Learn the biology of common L&O pests Review the labels of commonly used L&O products and learn about label updates Learn the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Understanding the requirements of FS 482 and 5E-14 as it relates to L&O Practice pest scouting and inspections and develop treatment strategies focused on IPM Do a vehicle inspection and spill drill with Paul Mitola from FDACS

L & O Masters (Lawn & Ornamentals)


Prerequisite:  Must have completed the L & O Foundations Course. This course builds on the L & O Foundations course and covers a review of insect pests, plant nutritional deficiencies, laws and regulations, soil sampling, FDOT, application techniques, weed management, formulations, turf maintenance, product rotation, and fire ant management.  By the end of this course, students have covered all critical topics that are required to know for the Florida Pest Control Certified Operator L & O exam.

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