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Dr. Corrigan’s State of Rodent Control (1-day course)

 This is Dr. Bobby Corrigan’s 1-day lecture course.  It is shorter that the 3-day Rodent Activity course and will not have the outdoor hands-on activities like in the 3-day course. The course covers the current hot topics in rodent control such as:
  • Latest control methods
  • Research into rodent behavior and biology
  • Regulations and legal updates (i.e. 2nd generation rodenticide bans)

Dr. Corrigan’s State of Rodent Control (1-day course)

  • Course is Tuesday January 14th from 9AM to 4PM.
  • Cost is $125.00 for the course.
  • Lunch is provided (no extra charge).
  • All courses are taught at the UF MREC campus in Apopka, FL.

Dr. Corrigan’s State of Rodent Control (1-day course)

There are no prerequisites for this course.
Anyone with interest in the pest management industry can take this course.

Planning on becoming a Certified Pest Control Operator (CO) in Florida?

You can now take the state exam here at Pest Management University.  Friday afternoon (immediately following any of the Master’s level courses) the Florida Department of Agriculture (FDACS) will come in and offer a special session of the state certified operator exam to those that qualify.  We cover all the key points at Pest Management University that the state of Florida bases their certified operator exam on.  PMU students have over a 99% pass rate on the state exams.  There are no additional fees charged by us at PMU.  You only pay the FDACS exam fee.

To qualify to take the exam at PMU, you must:

  • Take the related Foundations and Masters courses
  • Meet the state requirements (3 years of experience and completed 45 jobs)
  • Apply and be pre-approved by FDACS to take your state exam (you must still pay the FDACS exam fee)
  • Contact us if you have questions

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Dr. Corrigan has been active in urban pest management for over 30 years. He serves as consultant who specializes in urban rodent pest management on a national and international scale and also as a rodent control consultant for several cities around the USA. Dr. Corrigan has published over 160 technical articles in pest control and has authored or co-authored four textbooks and several book chapters. He has lectured in 46 states and 12 countries around the world. He has appeared in Time Magazine, The
New York Times, National Geographic, The CBS Sunday Morning Show, The New Yorker Magazine, and multiple international radio shows and on-line magazines.

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